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Adding cert to eJabberd server

Forgot how to do this and took a little while to figure it out again.
Thus I have decided to put my solution here.
Security wise there are some things that need to be considered here.
Like the part where I decode the key so that I don’t have to insert the password every time the server starts.
I do this because it’s a VPS, but it wouldn’t always be optimal security wise.
I “solve” this problem by setting very strict permissions on the file (which you should always do anyway).

XMPP Certificate guide
You should start with the following files (I get my certs from Startcom SSL).

Now you need to decode the key file, so that we don’t have to insert the password everytime we start the server

Concatenate the files into one pem file (the order is crucial here)

Move the file where your server can reach it

Then you configure and restart the server, here’s an example of my conf