Playing Life Is Strange: Before the Storm on Linux using Wine

This doesn’t really need much explanation since it’s platinum on WineHQ at the moment. If you know how Wine works, you don’t need the info in this post; but if you need a push then this can help. Basically the script, like in other posts I’ve made, will simply install steam and set everything up for you. Then, you have to install the game via Steam and you’re good to go. The desktop file at the end of the post is just for simplicity so that it’s easier to run, but you can run it manually or just create another launcher if you want.

I will gradually make my install scripts better, but this works for now. I’ve always used PlayOnLinux before, but since that platform hasn’t gotten much love lately; I decided to abandon it. I’ve tried multiple times to update my scripts on POL, but nothing ever happens since you need an admin to accept your changes all the time. Thus, I have decided to simply make bash scripts to install all my games, and share my results here. The goal is to have a general script template that I can use (that makes it more user friendly) that helps me and others to install games on Linux using Wine (without making it a larger project like POL). Anyway, enjoy :- ).

But I’ll include the Steam install script anyway, plus the desktop file to launch it. An important detail about installing this, is that it has to be installed in a 64-bit prefix in Wine.

if you get an error saying “The content servers are unreachable” when trying to install the game via steam, then the following Reddit thread might be able to help you with that.

Steam in wine-devel "content servers unreachable" (fresh install) from wine_gaming

Also, if you want to have a launcher that you can search for in Unity or Gnome, then just create the file steam-lis.desktop with this content (replace USER with your username).

sudo vim /usr/share/applications/steam-lis.desktop



Playing Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) on Linux using Wine

There’s a pretty neat Reddit thread about this issue, but I don’t want to use Gallium so I just made a simple script to install it for me. Since it took a bit of experimenting to get it work (In the end it was all about the wine version, and not many other prerequisites were needed) I’m posting it in case others find it useful. Note that the last line is how you start the game later, so just make a start script or a desktop shortcut to start it afterwards.

Distro: Ubuntu 18.04 (x64)


Playing visual novels on Linux using Wine

So I play a lot of visual novels these days. One problem is that most of them are only released on Windows, and I don’t use Windows. So for that I use Wine. Below is a simple script to setup Steam with Wine so that you can play the visual novels available through Steam. Make sure you check the visual novel on steam before you use this solution however, since some of them do have Linux support and can be run via the Steam Linux client.

Distro: Ubuntu 18.04 (x64)


Also, if you need a desktop icon for the Steam client, you can put it in the file /usr/share/applications/steam-windows.desktop (Remember to replace USER with your username).


For other visual novels not on Steam, I just create a folder called “Games” under “/home/USER/.wine-apps/steam/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/” and put them there. Then you can add another shortcut to that specific game like below.

For steam download issue:

Also, some visual novels outside of Steam may run into all sorts of problems. You can install a separate Wine prefix for that and do individual settings for such games. The following worked for me for one game that crashed when going into full screen. Generally I try to stick with the ones on Steam as I keep having the most luck with them using Wine. Sometimes they simply aren’t available though.